.problems.madah indah.

is it true peoples wif problem are people yg creative?
sum people born gifted
sum people not
4 me...
ada a few types of people yg creative coz they r problematic
creative in searching ways of running away from probs
sum search ways 2 overcome probs.

i've met peoples who have probs.
i've read peoples who have probs.
they tend to act to become sum1 else.
ada jgk yg act jujur.
jd diri sendiri.
like 'go to hell wif others!'
hipokrit atau tidak.
kita yg hidup.
problem solve ke tak.
kita punya pasal.
takde yg dapat change juz to fit wif others.

i know a guy.
wif beautiful n deep words.
not everyone can pout words wif meanings.
words that comes wif emotions.
masalah keluarga.
family plays a big part in nuturing kids.
so that.
they don't grow in what most people don't want them to be.

i'm not saying.
those yg bermasalah.
ada problem dari kecik.
masalah boleh datang bila-bila.
sedetik lepas.
setahun dulu.
at time when people expect least of it.

dis is not quote from anywhere.
dis is only my view.
from research.
not research on papers.
research of life.

aku juga ada masalah.
kerna itu aku boleh berkata-kata.
walaupun bukan indah.

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