.never ending worries.

susah kan bila ada problem yg x blh selesai2?
bila delay,makin x blh selesai.
ape nk jd?
mslh makin byk.
masa mcm x ckup2.
kdg2 bnda kecik pun jd besar.

bila nk lari dr mslh.
one tends to find some comfort.
x kesah la.
shopping-for woman mostly.
sleeping,smoking-for the opposite sex.
i would need sum attention when i hv probs.
not that kind of attntion like throwing tantrums at peoples around me.
mybe sumtimes.
what i need is juz a simple msg.
that can soothe me.
words that can make my worries stay away 4 a while.
it is highly-possible-occured-event.
that i receive nothing but silent.
and i end up worrying much more.
it is sooo not okay.
hate that moment.

n i asked myself.
why long-distance-relationship is hard to retain?
is there any way i can keep it safe?
is that enough with juz trust?
these keep rolling-spinning in my grey cell.
like i dont hv anything else to think about.
the more i think.
the more the heart bleeds.

saya sayang kamu.
dan saya rasa kamu juga begitu.
adakah pemahaman kamu x cukup untuk dtafsirkan secara zahir?
secara zahir yg saya boleh fahami?

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