.jemput-jemput bilis.

I talk in codes,
but I'm transparent.
I am human, aren't you too?
I am complex, but I long simplicity.
I am independent and I am needy.

Perhaps, I'm bionic.
Robotic at heart.
Blunt and honest.
Programmed not to care and listen.
Scripted with "I am sorry" and "Thank you ".
Mind you, I'm still human.
I mean what I utter.

I'm not a coin.
I'm not always a head,
I'm not always a tail.
I'm god's machine,
built from pieces of treasures and junk.

Robot: I'm sorry for who I am.

Heart: I'm tired of this "it's not you it's me".

Once you meet this Bionic Woman,
If what you see is what you get,
Then you need to look deeper.

caught it from here: My mother is a mother

counting days. and money. haih.

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