.cold snow.

sometimes it does not only hurts,

it's bleeding.
from the same scar.

reality not only bites.
it kills.

it uses astro principle.
keep repeating until you people have enough of it.
they can let it pass.
but they don't want to.
coz it hurts.
and bleeds.

you don't want to be in uncomfortable situation all your life.
hey, it's easy to say, 'let go and move on".
not for everyone.
i have my own issues. and you have yours.
it's like you are leaving something behind and you can't proceed the day if you don't settle it.
i don't want unresolved matters.
macam kau ada subjek pra-syarat dan kau tak lulus.
ingat dean nak bagi kau ambil subjek lanjutan tu?no way right?

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