"Falling out of love is awful, and cruel, and selfish and heartbreaking. But falling in love is undeniably, more complex than it seems to be. You can't just fall in love randomly, with any Tom, Dick or Harry. You can't just grab whoever who crosses your path and force him to fall in love with you, or force yourself to desperately try to fall for him.

To BE IN LOVE with just anybody, is undoubtedly, possimpibly impossible. You can't just be in love with anybody, Romeo. Ppfft. It is hard to be in love.

But certain kinds of men are just bad for your love life. Yet, you still keep on falling for these stereotypes. It's scarily weird, weirdly scary.

I'm always attracted to the alpha-male type. They are like a magnet to me. The next thing I know, I'd already be under their spell.

Wait, not always, just once or twice. Then again, like I said, falling in love is damn hard, so that explains. And I have been with many types, not just the alpha male. I'm flexible.

The alpha-male is also, to me, the objective type. The one who always knows what he wants, what to do, how to figure things out, the one who is always in control. The genius. The confident type. The he's-the-man type.

The loyal-but-playful type. He is loyal to his woman but also knows how to have fun with the lads, the my-mojo-makes-other women-yearn-for-me-but-sorry-gals-i'm-taken-type. It gives me an adrenaline rush but in a way, it also makes me feel special because he knows what he wants and, sorry to disappoint you ladies, it's me, not you. Ha ha ha.

The one that I can look up to, that I can be proud of, that I can respect. The that's-MY-man type. The one who I believe in :)

The I'm-strong-and-macho-but-I-will-only-show-my-soft-side-when-I'm-with-my-lady-type. Awwwwwww~ You know, the type who appears to be macho but who always needs you to comfort and nurse him when the world is being nasty and cruel to him :) "

credit to beedadary.

love is subjective. 

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