.bread and controversy.

Let's support the new Massimo bread by Robert Kuok and boycott Gardenia bread is owned by Umno crony, Syed Mokhtar's Tradewind group. Massimo bread has finally arrived in Penang. During promotion the wheat gem bread is sold at only RM2.50 as oppose to RM3.20 for the Gardenia and Hi-Fi; go check it out.   

 I buy my @ Rm2.00 per loaf in Section 17 PJ. At this price I save RM 1.20. I was told some shops sell it @ Rm 1.80 in Sentosa.  The weight is the same as Gardenia and Hi=Fi. Very tasty and nutritious.                                                                                              
 I recommend you switch over and save. I was given to understand that Robert Kuok is also a big timer in flour industry beside sugar which Bumno took over by 'force'  and the Bumno goons do not even buy the flour for their Gardenia bread on purpose.  

This policy impoverishes the people in general but line the pockets of those crony goons.                                                                                                  
Switch over: YES YOU CAN !                

got this from an email. roti pun nak politik. haha. tak ada paksa2 kot nak makan roti. sendiri makan, sendiri nilai. oh btw, email ini dari seorang cina. so, terpulang la pada penilaian masing2. 

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