a big word.
it can give hopes and lies.

i do believe in love at the first sight.
okay.i have a story about that.
i do believe in following my instinct.
also, i have a story about that too.
i do believe in not becoming lovers with my friends.
apatah lagi perasaan kalau break up nanti.
i just cant(and i think i have a story of this too).
i dont believe in being friend with an ex-bf.
i cant imagine it.

i am a person who look back at things i've done.
to reflect myself.
to judge myself.
in becoming a better person.

i prefer a stranger who come to me and say.
"saya sayang awak.would u be my lover?"
and i will find each day more interesting.
exploring and finding new things.

than keep digging into the past.
trying to remember the memories.
the awkward moments.
the precious hours.
spend with someone i know.

scandal? mungkin special sikit dari friends.
harapan masih ada. dan instinct adalah sgt tidak dynamic..

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