What comes to mind when I say the word stranger? -

Entah kenapa walaupun ujung-ujungnya jadi begini,aku tetap merasakan yang mungkin dia memang sedang sibuk.Maybe his hands are full and i am infamous for being a handful.

It's like i want him, i want to sit next to him, talk a bit, maybe share some laugh, do my work, watch him do his work, make him do my work, eat at the same table, pass me the book and just be there when i turn around.
I don't think it's love, it doesn't feel like one and i don't treat it like one -- I mean i havent been experiencing dizzy spells or euphoric bursts but all that i want every day,lately, is a bit of him.

He's like this evil Rubic cube, the more time i spend figuring him out, the further i get thrown off and the weirder it gets. And i could never talk about it with anyone, i mean how is it even possible,i can barely find a word for it.

I don't know.
It's wearing me down but how can you forget someone who is brand new but feels just like someone you've been curling up with everyday in your dreams since the day you were born?

                                          - yang mimi morticia

i am weak over strangers. yeah. better i have never met him than a friend for years. 
read, FRIENDs.

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