.dunia ini bukan kau saja ada.

something we have been dreaming for a long time,
something we have been trying with all might,
may not something we can get.

yes, you can dream of having ferrari.
yes, you can work your ass out offshore getting thousand bucks per month.
so that, you can drive your own red, shiny ferrari.
but, what if that ferrari doesnt want you?
yet, even let you drive.

maybe you are destined to drive only kancil.
when you can own like 10 BMWs.
be it what you hope for.
be it what you afford to have.
there's nothing can beat God will.

betapa kuat azam kita inginkan sesuatu itu,
betapa sungguh kita mahukan sesuatu itu.
mungkin juga kita tak akan dapat.
jika sebelah sana tidak menginginkan kamu.

fikir negatif itu negatif.

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