.india mari.

i need funds!  Kerala or Goa. please! 

had breakfast with someone who gave me a piece of peace and lil' laugh. we can plan. we can predict. we can try to execute. 
but, it all depends on Allah's will. family is the best cure. well, mum is. (even they can't stop whining). 
 keep on walking. keep on planning. don't ever give up. 

life is art. be a great artist. 
you may have the most awesome masterpiece. 
but, it will never be enough..  

 patut or tidak minta hutang? 


Anonymous said...

hutang adalah jalan kebinasaan jika tiada jalan untuk melangsaikannya.. berhutanglah pada mereka yang kamu yakini.. jika perlu

dEs said...

alhamdulillah setakat ni belum berhutang lagi selain ptptn..hehe..ni org lain yg hutang..