teaser. nak upload yang lain. malas sebab belum watermark. eheh.
mana nak cari 120mm film develop in kajang? nak turun KL semata-mata nak develop film adalah sangat 'rajin'.

in denial. aku? bukan. entahlah. i am big enough. to differentiate what's right and what's not. yeah. i maybe loooove to make my own conclusion. 
but, anyhow it is always the truth. if i am wrong, then i am sorry. no harm done coz i don't tell others about it. i keep it to myself. 
but, why i wrote it here? my space kan? i didn't tell names. siapa makan cili akan rasa pedas. 
oh. on another notes, i can't wait to try the hammock. haha.

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