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I GOTTA BE ME.   - AIO,2011
I was deep in thought as I walked down the office corridors the other day. So deep in thought that I didn’t notice an employee of mine nearby. That is, until I heard her say, “Boss, you don’t look like the boss I know.” She was beckoning to the clothes that I was wearing.

I stopped and looked at myself. I was wearing black dress pants, a blue shirt and a blue tie. I looked like I just stepped out from a boring board meeting about financial statements. Then I realised, I DID just stepped out from a boring board meeting about financial statements. And the way I dressed, I looked just like one of those corporate guys.

It was a far cry from what my employee was used to. She usually sees me wearing t-shirt and jeans.

I tried sheepishly to offer an explanation. “I had a formal meeting where I had to meet some government agency to discuss about some cheque-giving and after that I had a board meeting then....” I stopped myself when I saw my staff look at me with a sure-you-do look.

What happened? How did this happen? How did I go from wearing whatever I liked to wearing some non-descript black pants, blue shirt and blue tie?

I straightened up, glad to be reminded that I gotta be me. I don’t need to gain approval from anybody. I don’t need to conform. I am on a mission to change them. But instead they are changing me!

I gotta be me! I gotta be me! I gotta be......oh crap I got another board meeting in 10 minutes! How am I gonna be me?!!!!
- from a genius man. i stalk him because of his looks. but, he's got more than that. and it's called the BRAIN!! - ahmad izham omar

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