I have been watching "Bones" series from season 1 to 5 now. There is a character name Angela. She's beautiful, talented and genius. But, still can't beat Bones. Bones is super genius. Ok. Back to Angie. In season i-can't-remember-what-season, she revealed that she is lesbian. Her girlfriend, Roxy is a super hot artist. And, one day Roxy explained to her that she wants to move on. She want to think about her future, get married and have a family. Angela was heart broken. But, she accepted the fact that Roxy didn't want that relationship no more. At first, she doesn't understand why. Because, she believe and wanted to live by the moment, without thinking the future. 

What struck me is, what really is "Live by the moment not future"?  maksud berbeza-beza bukan untuk setiap orang?

think about it.

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